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    Auteuil, a laboratory for XXth Century Architecture

Auteuil, a small "village" in the western part of Paris, is full of elegant surprises, including literary memories, some of the best Art Nouveau masterpieces and testimonies of the birth of Modern Architecture.

 Highlights of the tour :

  • Guimard's masterpieces, including the incredible Castel Béranger and stunning "hôtels particuliers",

  • Secrets "villas" with unique atmosphere,

  • Marcel Proust's birthplace and Henri Sauvage's Studio Building in rue La Fontaine,

  • Le square du Dr Blanche and Le Corbusier's foundation*,

  • Villa Mallet Stevens


Meeting point : Place du Dr Hayen/angle rue La Fontaine


 *ENC Fondation le Corbusier (8€/ pers)

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