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The Covered Arcades

Passages between Theatres and Operas

Over 100 Arcades (Passages) were built in Paris in the first half of the XIXth Century :

from Palais Royal and the Louvre, to  Grands Boulevards.

Ancestors of our Malls, they also connected theatres and operas, as a link between night and day.

Less than 20 remain today : this tour makes it possible to discover the most vibrant of them.


Highlights of the tou which includes neary 10 "Passages" :

  • Palais Royal, its theatres & gardens and the souvenir of the wooden galleries

  • Galerie Vero-Dodat, one of the oldest passages and its luxury shops,

  • Galeries Vivienne & Colbert, and the elegant place des Victoires

  • Square Vivienne, le Passage Choiseul and Square Ventadour...

  • The Opéra Comique and the souvenir of the old Opera, rue Le Pelletier,

  • The former Stock Exchange (Bourse) and Passage des Panoramas,

  • The "twin" Passages Jouffroy & Verdeau will conclude the tour, next to Folies Bergères Theatre...


Meeting point : Place Colette, métro Palais-Royal/ Musée du Louvre - 75001 Paris

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