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Montparnasse with Picasso and Friends

There is more to see in Montparnasse than the famous cafés on Boulevard Montparnasse, if you want to meet with the memories of Picasso, Man Ray or Foujita...

 Highlights of the tour :

  • Picasso workshops (outside) by boulevard Raspail,

  • Rue Campagne Première and Cité d'Enfer with their many workshops haunted by Man Ray, Nicolas de Stael, Yves Klein, Foujita,

  • Montparnasse cemetery and its famous monuments,

  • Daguerre Village, popular  with photographers,

  • Workshops along rue Froidvaux & Schœlcher

  • Cartier Foundation (outside),

  • Rue Vavin & Boulevard Raspail : Balzac's monument and the famous cafés...


Meeting point at métro Raspail @ rue Campagne Première

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