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The City Island - back to Paris origins

Seat of the Religious power and Courts of Justice for over 20 centuries, the City Island, despite its small dimensions and though very much visited, remains mostly unkwnon.


Night and day, the City Island presents some of the most fascinating city views :  it is a real must for all Paris lovers to get a closer touch with it. 


Highlights of the tour :

  • Pont Neuf (New Brigde) and Henri IV's statue, built on the former "Jew Island", site of the Templars execution, 

  • The mysterious Place Dauphine, first Royal Square in Paris, and the near by Quai des Orfèvres, famous for its jewellers and seat of the French Police Headquarters,

  • La Conciergerie , the Courts of Justice and the Flower market,

  • Saint Chapelle and its unique gothic windows (on request - entrance free non included),

  • Notre Dame seen from the quais (during the works),
  • The medival streets behind Notre Dame, formerly home of the Cathedral canons, and the romantic episode of Héloïse and Abélard.

Meeting Pont on Pont Neuf - in front of Henri IV's statue

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